Monday, May 12, 2008

HSNY Used Book Sale

(Just a few of the many titles you will find at the HSNY Used Book Sale)

For those of you that used to frequent The Horticultural Society of New York at our old location on 58th Street between 6th and 7th you might remember the ongoing book sale Katherine Powis ran in the HSNY Library reading room. The HSNY Library accepts donations of horticultural and other related publications to be incorporated into our library collection, which is open to the public and now well over 10,000 volumes. Sometimes, however, there are duplicates of books which we already have in our collection and those books can be sold at heavily discounted prices to the public.

It is my pleasure, on behalf of Katherine and the HSNY Library, to announce that we have reinstated the HSNY used book sale at our new home here at 148 West 37th Street on the 13th Floor. We have one full case of used books devoted to the book sale and anyone here can direct you to those when you visit. The books are priced to move and we can accept all forms of payment. The topics and titles vary greatly, so it is best to simply come in to HSNY and see for yourself. We are located on West 37th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway, and you will find #148 on the south side of the street. We are open to the public 10am - 6pm Monday through Friday and Katherine Powis, HSNY Librarian, is here Monday through Thursday. To learn more about the HSNY Library click here, and for general information about The Horticultural Society of New York, click here.

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