Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Day at Noguchi Museum

The Hort was delighted to co-sponsor this year’s annual Summer Family Day at the Noguchi Museum. The event highlighted the beautiful and serene sculpture garden designed by Isamu Noguchi. Families were invited to explore and discover the garden and Museum galleries. The Hort created three scale model gardens based on eastern and western design. The workshop encouraged families to make individual sculptures to scale, while they consider design and placement within a space. Their sculptures were then installed in the model garden of their choice and photographed. The event also featured live performances by Jukebox Radio.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Terrarium Workshop at the Hort

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, terrariums are one of the simplest ways to garden. I shared secrets on how to create a wonderful garden under glass with a sold-out crowd! Terrariums come in many shapes and sizes, from simple wine glasses to elaborate Wardian cases. Since space is a luxury to most city-dwellers, a terrarium is a perfect way to bring your favorite plants into your home.

After a short lecture, I guided students through the process of creating their own magical terrariums. Students were encouraged to choose their materials, discuss designs, and finally plant a garden under glass. Here are some photos from the workshop...

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Urban Edibles

What city dweller doesn't long for the taste of homegrown fruits and vegetables. By doing some simple research and making careful choices almost anyone can add edibles to a rooftop, terrace or patio. Many vegetables are now offered in dwarf or compact forms that make them perfect for container gardens in an urban environment.
Here are some picks to get you started...

Pepper 'Pinata Mix'
Pepper plants are the ideal size for gardens with limited space, and they love heat. One of Burbee owner George Ball Jr.'s top pick is the new hot pepper 'Pinata Mix' with its party-colored, 3-inch fruits.

Basil 'Aristotle'
There are so many varieties of basil, like this tiny-leaved 'Aristotle' that could substitute for boxwood. Basil also offers foliage color options from 'Purple Ruffles' to vibrant green 'Summerlong' which is resistant to bolting.

Strawberry 'Mignonette'
Another option for rooftop or patio gardens is planting edible sin hanging baskets or pots, and strawberries are ideally suited for this. Try the heirloom alpine strawberry 'Mignonette', which has smaller and fewer fruits, but with twice the flavor as standard varieties.

Eggplant 'Gretel'
Two All-American Selection winners, white 'Gretel' and purple 'Hansel', combine high yield with compact size. The fruits are tender and tasty from the time they're 3-inch youngsters until they reached their mature 10 inches.

Article by Jenny Andrews
Garden Design March 2010 gardendesign.com