Monday, January 3, 2011

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

What to do with your Christmas tree...

Evergreen branch mulch at Wave Hill

Come January, the thrill of having a fresh-cut tree to decorate has faded. You are now faced with the issue of properly discarding the tree. One very earth-friendly way recycle your tree is to cut it up into evergreen boughs which can be used in the garden as a gorgeous mulch.

Most shrubs, as well as perennials and bulbs, welcome the warmth and protection the boughs bring. Simply trim the branches from your Christmas tree and place them upside down under your shrubs and on top of perennials and tender bulbs. The air pockets they create add a buffer against the winter cold and wind, and enough space for early spring shoots to emerge.

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You can also have your Christmas tree recycled into mulch, which can then be used to protect and nourish your street trees.

Thank you very mulch!
For more information on how to recycle your Christmas trees, check out these websites:

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