Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hudson Valley Seed Library

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Our friends, Ken Greene and Doug Muller, founders of the Hudson Valley Seed Library were just featured in a wonderful article in The New York Times on October 6. The Seed Library has been operating for the past 2 years to help maintain and distribute locally grown seed.

Ken was quoted in the NY Times article....'The mission of the library, Mr. Greene said, is “to collect New York heirlooms and the cultural stories that came with them.” As with other seed libraries, his also aims to encourage biodiversity, to offer an alternative to the genetically modified seeds produced by large corporations and to make money.'

The Hudson Valley Seed Library currently offers over fifty varieties of locally grown seeds, and 100 varieties of northeast adapted seeds. The uniquely shaped Art Packs are designed by different artists from the greater New York region. Each pack celebrates the diversity and beauty of heirloom gardening. The Library Packs contain seeds grown on the Hudson Valley farm, by member farmers, and dedicated home gardeners. The seeds are hand-crafted, using traditional techniques for collecting, winnowing, threshing, and cleaning. The Garden Packs contain seeds that were obtained from responsible seed houses.

Art Pack of cherry tomatoes

This December, The Horticultural Society will host an exhibition of original works from the Hudson Valley Seed Library Art Pack Collection, featuring the 16 new designs from this upcoming season. Look for more info on our website at

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