Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Rosa 'Caldwell Pink'

This everblooming rose is becoming one of the most popular with landscape designers. Its double, lilac-pink flowers form clusters that can be seen at a distance, and the compact bush fills out nicely with a minimum of pruning and maintenance. It is not very particular about soil conditions, but prefers a sunny open space. Some rosarians have suggested that this is the old China rose, ‘Pink Pet’, but we feel that it shows traces of Wichuraiana or Multiflora heritage and fits more naturally in the Polyantha class. The study name comes from a neighboring town, Caldwell, Texas, where this rose was found. *

Common Name: Caldwell Pink

Classification: Polyantha

Rating: N/A

Year Introduced/ Discovered: Found, no date known

Color: Lilac Pink

Average Dimensions: 3' - 4' x 3' - 4'

Number of Petals: Double- 50

Exposure: Full sun

Spacing: 3'

Fertilizing: Fertilize in spring just before new growth begins.

Cold Hardiness: Hardy in zones 6 - 9

Water Use: Keep moist until completely established. Average water needed during growing season

Resistance to Disease: Very Resistant and Healthy

Fragrance No

Foliage: Medium green, foliage turns red in fall.

Growth: Compact, rounded

Bloom: Repeat, blooms in clusters from late spring - frost.

History: From a small nursery in Caldwell, Texas. Thought to be the rose, 'Pink Pet'

Fall color of Rosa 'Caldwell Pink'

*Information from the Antique Rose Emporium

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