Monday, January 25, 2010

Interactive Education Classes at The Hort

Making the decision to take control of your children’s education can seem overwhelming. More and more families are making the decision to home school. Today more than three million children are being taught at home. The Hort is offering a curriculum of exciting and thought provoking courses that will exercise your child's critical thinking skills.

By using a mix of colorful and thought provoking power point presentations, class discussion, hands on activities and reading time with our librarian Katherine Powis to capture interest, promote class participation, foster cooperative learning, and encourage exploration of the topics of the day.

Our current course schedule at The Hort...
Interactive Botany - Special Plants for Special Places

Spotlighting the unusual habitat adaptations, pollinators & human uses of desert, tropical, evergreen, deciduous and aquatic plants

Interactive Botany - Plant Propagation

Participants will discover four plant propagation techniques, raise six varieties of plants though both vegetative and reproductive propagation while exercising cooperative learning and critical thinking skills.

For more information on classes and how to register visit us online...

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