Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Container Workshop and Guided Tour...

The HSNY has recently partnered with Gracious Home to expose the wonderful people of Manhattan to the world of horticulture. We will be offering a variety of workshops that will be of interest not only to our members, but to the customers of Gracious Home as well.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of bringing a group of guests on a guided tour of the Historic Flower District of New York, where I shared my secrets of how to successfully navigate the maize of store fronts. We then returned to Gracious Home Chelsea, located on 26th street, where I conducted a well-attended workshop on container gardening. We covered the basics of design and plant combinations, which was followed by a hands-on demonstration of designing and planting your own container garden.

Here we are at the Flower District, 28th street, discussing what to look for when you're shopping and purchasing plants at the market.

Some of the attentive audience at Gracious Home seemingly entranced by the lecture.

Discussing the importance of preparing a container and the selection of the proper soil mixture.

In the process of creating a wonderful container garden for a shady area.

Using a silver salad bowl to 'serve-up' a unique container garden of succulents

Check the HSNY or Gracious Home websites for information on the next available workshop .

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  1. George, its nice to have training session on plants here in your post. I think these types of session should be everywhere through like as your. Nice job George.