Monday, February 9, 2009


The HSNY was lucky enough to host and evening with Ken Druse to celebrate the release of his new book, Planthropology. The audience of over 60 people was enthralled with the stories of plants and their importance to Ken's every day life. He enticed his guests with an illustrated presentation of the book, presented as a lovely stroll through the garden.

This was followed by a reception and book signing, providing a special opportunity to speak with the noted author and photographer. We would like to thank Ken for being so generous with his time and sharing with us this wonderful book.

In this photograph Ken has captured a stand of western American Lysichiton americanus, commonly known as skunk cabbage. The plant takes nearly three years to produce these magnificient yellow spathes, growing larger and more floriferous as it matures.

One of the hard-to-find pink Japanese snowball varities is Viburnum plicatum 'Kern's Pink' growing together with Cotinus foliage.

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