Thursday, August 21, 2008

Information about Container Gardening

I am interested in learning how to plant and maintain outdoor window boxes for sills that receive only indirect light i.e. no sun but not shade either. My sills face the interior courtyard of a square building perimeter.
Would you perhaps know of any books or classes that might be of help? I would appreciate any direction you could give me.

In fact we do have some fabulous books here in the HSNY Library on container gardening, and even more specifically, container gardening in shade. The library is here at our location on 37th between 7th and Broadway, open to the public from 10-6 Monday through Friday. I have also CC'd Katherine Powis, HSNY Librarian, to this email as she knows the library's collection much better than I. You can also borrow books from the collection if you choose to become a full member of HSNY. Hopefully when you come in I might be around and if I am free I would be more than happy to discuss viable plants and combinations with you.
In addition, I am in charge of setting up classes and programs and over the summer I did a tour and container gardening demonstration down in the Flower District on 28th Street that was a great success. I am definitely considering lining up another one for the fall though I do not yet have a date set at this time. If you would like to receive emails from HSNY regarding upcoming events I recommend signing up on our mailing list at

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  1. If your looking for container planting ideas you should look at the contest results at Hooks and Lattice. You will see a wide assortment of Window Boxes and Planters.