Monday, July 14, 2008

Interested in Floral Design?

If you do not already know, let me tell you about a great floral design studio right in the heart of the Flower District down there on 28th Street. Robb Moss and George Vallo used to teach floral design classes for The Horticultural Society at our old location on 58th Street. More recently, they have started their own school called The New York Studio of Floral Arts. Operating out of the same building shared by Empire Cut Flowers, The New York Studio of Floral Arts allows you to attend classes and learn right there in the middle of the action on 28th Street. George just emailed me to let me know about a whole new bunch of dates they just added to their website and I wanted to let you know right away. So, If you are interested in taking excellent floral design classes while staying right here in Manhattan, definitely check out and sign up for the class that is right for you.

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