Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recent Press: GreenBranches Learning Gardens

This morning Kate Chura, HSNY Vice President, passed on to me these fabulous articles written recently about our GreenBranches Learning Gardens. Please read and enjoy the following articles and be sure to click on the accompanying photography.

To read the article that appeared on, click here.

To read the LJ Insider blog entry by author Raya Kuzyk, click here.

And also, thank you to all the HSNY members as well as members of the HSNY Board of Directors who came last evening to our 105th Annual Meeting of The Horticultural Society of New York. It was a pleasure to give you updates and insights into all of our various community outreach programs, services, and resources. We loved having you all here, including of course our guest speaker, Deirdre Larkin, Associate Manager of Horticulture at the Cloisters branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, another tremendously faithful HSNY member. We were honored and thrilled to have Deirdre here to discuss and share with us the intricacies and brilliance of the Cloisters gardens as well as her visions for moving "Forward into the Past". So, again, thank you all for coming last night and supporting HSNY!

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