Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plant ID: Physaria didymocarpa

I found this succulent while hiking on Mt. Assiniboine this summer in British Columbia, Canada and am very query as to what it might be called. I can not find it in the few books which I have. Would you be able to assist me in identifying this succulent?

The plant you are trying to identify is called Physaria didymocarpa, commonly called a bladderpod. Even though it does have many characteristics of a succulent, it is actually a short-lived alpine perennial belonging to the Brassicaceae family. From the rosette of silver-gray leaves this plant produces small, bright yellow flowers in summer. These flowers are then followed by the inflated seed pods that you found and photographed while on your hike. I believe that it is native to Western North America, but I am still confirming that. Physaria didymocarpa typically grows in gritty, sharply draining soil in full sun, and is considered cold-hardy in Zones 3-8.

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