Monday, August 27, 2007

Plant ID: Hosta 'Sea Octopus'

A coworker and good friend recently came to me with this photograph that she took in the rock garden at the New York Botanical Garden just about two weeks ago. She was taken aback by the tall striking flower of this certain Hosta cultivar and asked me if I might be able to identify it. Luckily I am good friends with a number of curators and gardeners up at NYBG and I was able to track down an answer. Thanks to Jody Payne, curator of the Rock Garden and fellow alum of the School for Professional Horticulture, the Hosta in question was identified as a cultivar named 'Sea Octopus'. As she went on to add, there is also a little variegated variety that is really nice called 'Crested Surf' which has the same tall purple flowers. For information on where to buy this kind of Hosta, you can email me directly at the email above and I can supply you with that information.

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