Monday, June 4, 2007

Name This Plant?

Every week I receive a number of emails of plant images that people need help identifying. Typically I can narrow the plant down to genus at least. Some times, however, it is not that easy. This is one such example. This plant was bought at a garden center in New Jersey about five years ago, and the owner has been trying to identify it ever since. According to the owner, "it is now in a room with western light and seems happier. It also likes to be misted once a week in the winter and 2 times a week in summer. When purchased, it had deep orange flowers w/black pistils or stamens. I have since had 1 or 2 flowers during the entire time I've had this 'plant'......fertilizing (w/plant food) does not seem to do a great deal except perhaps encourage a bit of leaf growth."

Being that this plant has been acting so oddly, I doubt that it is a traditional house plant. As the owner thinks, and as the stems might describe, perhaps it is a woody shrub from a warmer zone that she has been able to keep alive inside her home. As I continue to unravel this mystery, I thought I would post the pictures to see if any of you had any ideas as to what our mystery plant might be. So, my question to you, can you name this plant? Email me your thoughts; I would be thrilled to hear them!

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