Thursday, April 19, 2007

GreenTeam Street Planting in the Bronx

Those who know about The Horticultural Society of New York know about our tremendous community outreach programs. One such program is the GreenTeam, run by John Cannizzo. For more information, visit the HSNY website at:

The following are pictures and text John recently passed around our office. They refer to a street tree planting, 28 trees in all, that was recently done up in the Bronx. With John's permission I wanted to pass on the following for you all to see and read as well. So, without further ado, a little insight into one of the many projects on our plates these days. Enjoy, -Alex Feleppa

Toya and Delon Sponner of FEGS
Getting the trees off of the truck gently is very important.
Dawn, moving the trees to their new homes.
These kids are totally into it in every way.
It is easy to feel good under the influence of the first planting of the year. These trees are part of an environmental remediation that also has a hint of environmental justice. The areas of the Bronx that suffer from the heat island effect most severely are also some of the least well served. This is incidentally some of the neighborhoods that supply the jails with their populations. The sites were picked out by The Hunts Point Multi-service center. One of 9 multi- service centers that offers everything from daycare services and nutrition for seniors to HIV treatment and substance abuse counseling and parole program and a health center. -John Cannizzo

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